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Phantoms Too
Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, NY, NY

A site-specific version of Wave Action was woven into the group show "Phantoms Too" at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. Some sensors are seen here, clearly visible in the space. Others were placed bare (i.e. without tubes to heighten their presence) and were thus nearly invisble, installed near paintings and on architectural features of the space, in order to track visitors' flow through the gallery.

At each sensor a word and a concrete sound are triggered when visitors pass by or gesture near the sensor. The concrete sounds include samples of potentially surveillant routes into and out of the networked body - cameras filming bodies, circling helicopters, tracked keyboard-typing , etc, as well as bodily sounds - breathing, footsteps, gargling, etc. The words come from the Cole Porter tune, "I've got you under my skin".

The rhythms, volume and pitch of both the concrete sounds and the words change in response to visitors' motions and presence.

I'm a little behind on processing video documentation - for now here's some rough video of this version of the piece:
video of NYC version of Wave Action

and here some video of an earlier version of Wave Action:
video of earlier version of Wave Action

Phantoms Too Artists:
artists including Phillip Argent, Jan Baracz, Heather Bennett, Claire Corey, Leiven de Boeck, Carabello-Farman, William Downs, Cliff Evans, Jeff Gibson, Ellen Harvey, Pedro Lasch, Pia Lindman, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Houben R. T., Darren Wardle, Nina Waisman and Brian Zegeer.