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An interactive video that allows the viewer to surf crazily or meditatively through the artist's world with the use of an extra-large control box.

The I Ching directed me to march paths of particular lengths, looking for meaning in things found along the way. But the viewer's control over the video recordings of these paths allows for unpredictable re-mappings of this strange searching game. Everyday sound and time are skewed to odd effect...

Freetime” collides dislocated systems: the I Ching; my subjectivity; the user’s control of temporal and sequential pacing; the organization of my mundane walks into cyclical structures portending narrative significance. Some users play with freetime for a while, constructing concrete-music pieces by speeding, slowing and scratching the sound. Others move through my steps, ignoring my choice of “found” objects and concentrating on what interests them. Some attempt to understand how the I Ching titles connect to what they see. Others spend time parsing my subjective recordings of my world. Each system in the piece creates limitations, but perhaps overlapping these systems opens up space for experimentation in the gaps between them.

Here's a rough demo.


Freetime © 2004 Nina Waisman